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Aqua-Base Storage Solution Membranes
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Aqua-Base Membranes storage solution for 20 liters of water. Biocidal product Use on all models of Aqua-Base watermakers.
Aqua-Base Membrane Cleaning Kit
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Complete ready-to-use AquaBase maintenance kit consisting of a 250g alkaline cleaning solution, a 250g acid cleaning solution, 1 pair of gloves and a user guide. Suitable for Aqua-Base machines type X - Y - ESW and ESB
Dessalator Sterilizing dose
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Dessalator Sterilizing dose for winterizing your Dessalator device. Instructions provided
Dessalator ST2 sterilizing cartridge
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Dessalator ST2 sterilizing cartridge suitable for Dessalator watermakers. To be used when storing your device.
Aqua-Base Antifreeze Solution 1 liter
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Antifreeze solution 1 liter Aquabase -pFor all Aqua-Base watermaker models. To be used when winterizing your boat
Aqua-Base ESB/ESW Series Maintenance Kit
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Aqua-Base ES series maintenance kit. To ensure the maintenance of your watermaker, discover a range of consumables and original maintenance products.
Aqua-Base Inline Charcoal Cartridge
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Aqua-Base in-line carbon filter usable for Aqua-Base XA / XD, YC / YK watermaker models and on the new automatic rinsing of the ES series.
Clean Boat Multi-Purpose Cleaner 1 Liter
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Clean Boat Multi-purpose cleaner is a revolutionary mono product that has proven itself with professionals for over 20 years 1 liter model
Frigoboat Pump interface 12 / 24V
Frigoboat 12 / 24V pump interface for 1 to 3 groups with one pump (Replacement interface for reference: E252400M Frigoboat)